How do you think about aluminum stage truss?

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How do you think about aluminum stage truss?

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How do you think about aluminum stage truss?

How do we feel about aluminum stage truss?

Aluminum stage truss, a common and frequently used advertising equipment, can be seen everywhere in life, from ordinary advertising frame to tall gantry. Thanks to the good applicability of truss, it can be one of the preferred equipment for small and medium-sized advertisers, and it is also the main product of display supplies manufacturers.

Shizhan, as a manufacturer of display products and sales, naturally has Aluminum stage truss as one of its main products. From ordinary galvanized truss to super durable aluminum truss, Hefei Decoration Metal Products has been working hard to enrich the product series of truss!

Therefore, in the warehouse of Shizhan Group, the first thing you see is definitely Aluminum stage truss products, row after row, which, together with the silver-white color of the truss, is quite eye-catching at a glance; followed by iron road flags (large personal and base, eye-catching), followed by iron horse guardrails, event stages, etc.

In addition to looking at the inventory, looking at Aluminum stage truss at truss manufacturers is looking at the advertising frame. Sometimes, when customers come to the factory to purchase truss products, they want to "see for themselves" to see how the quality of the truss is really like. At this time, the truss has to be set out from the warehouse and temporarily erected outside the factory, mostly in the style of advertising frame, so that customers can easily go to the selection.

As for the production of Aluminum stage truss, it is required to be carried out by professional welding masters, which is not possible with two knives. So, what is it like to see a truss in a truss manufacturer? In addition to looking at the product, you also have to look at the advertising frame and have an understanding of the product making so that when the customer comes, there will be no oversight.

For customers, "customer is God", as long as the requirements are reasonable, truss manufacturers will meet ... il_6.shtml
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Re: How do you think about aluminum stage truss?

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